Succession Season 4 recap

After an exhilarating four seasons filled with unexpected twists and turns, the gripping drama of Succession has finally reached its conclusion. In the series finale, titled “With Open Eyes,” the characters Kendall, Siobhan, and Roman Roy made their final moves in a bid to secure the coveted top position in their late father Logan’s company, Waystar Royco. Let’s delve into the intense battle for control and uncover who ultimately emerged victorious.

The Power Struggle Begins

As the series finale unfolds, Kendall, Siobhan, and Roman find themselves vying for control of Waystar Royco. However, GoJo’s Lukas Matsson abruptly cuts Siobhan out of his deal to buy WayStar, choosing her estranged husband Tom instead. This unexpected twist prompts Siobhan to rejoin forces with Kendall and Roman in their quest for dominance. The trio realizes that positioning Kendall as the CEO presents their best chance of winning the company.

Sibling Rivalry Intensifies

During a pivotal meeting with the company’s board members to thwart the GoJo deal, a rift emerges between Shiv and her brothers. Shiv’s decision to back out of the agreement sparks a heated argument among the siblings. The confrontation escalates when Kendall forcefully shoves Roman against the wall, and Shiv brings up Kendall’s alleged involvement in a waiter’s death at her and Tom’s wedding.

Shiv’s Surprising Turn

Despite their earlier disagreements, Kendall, Shiv, and Roman continue to strategize together. However, Shiv ultimately allows the GoJo sale to proceed, leading to a surprising turn of events. She reunites with Tom, who has now become the company’s CEO, and reluctantly holds his hand as they depart from the office, hinting at their uncertain future together.

Kendall’s Defeat and Contemplation

Following the swift takeover of the company, Kendall, once a prominent figure at Waystar Royco, finds himself dethroned and defeated. In a poignant scene, he is seen sitting by the water, deep in contemplation, as the credits roll. The conclusion of this beloved series arrives three months after creator Jesse Armstrong confirmed its fate.

Jesse Armstrong’s Insight

Reflecting on the decision to end the series, creator Jesse Armstrong shares his creative process. As season four commenced, he approached the writing room with a proposition while remaining open to alternative directions. The choice to conclude the series gradually solidified during the writing and filming process. With honesty and transparency, Armstrong expressed his uncertainty to the cast, ensuring they were not misled.

Unpredictable Twists and Turns

Remaining true to its nature, the final episodes of Succession were filled with shocking developments, akin to the show’s earlier seasons. In a surprising turn of events, just three episodes into season four, the untimely demise of Logan, Waystar Royco’s CEO and father to Kendall, Shiv, Roman, and Connor, creates an internal power struggle among his children, all vying for the coveted CEO position.

The gripping and intense battle for control of Waystar Royco has come to an end in the series finale of Succession. With unexpected alliances, betrayals, and moments of reflection, the fate of the company and its characters has been sealed. As fans bid farewell to this enthralling series, they can look back on the intricate web of power dynamics, family conflicts, and high-stakes maneuvering that made Succession a truly captivating television experience.




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