Selling Sunset Star Jason Oppenheim’s Must-Have Items for His Home and Office

As the founder of The Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim is not only a well-known real estate mogul but also a television personality with his appearance on Selling Sunset. In a recent interview with E!, he revealed some of his favorite products that he simply cannot live without in his home and office.

According to Jason, every office in The Oppenheim Group has its Keurig coffee machine, and he also has one at home. He even dedicated a full bar to the Keurig coffee maker and The Oppenheim Group mugs.

When clients come to visit, the first thing Jason does is offer them a cup of coffee. The convenience of having a Keurig machine is not lost on him, and he believes it is a must-have item in every office. The Oppenheim Group office is known for its unique interior design, and the Buster + Punch lamps on each agent’s desk are no exception. These edgy lamps are a favorite of Jason’s and add a touch of sophistication to the office. Jason is also a fan of Assouline books and has them in both his home and office. These high-end books not only make for great reading material, but also add a stylish touch to any space.

Aside from his favorite items in his home and office, Jason also shared some of the things that help keep his long-distance relationship with Marie-Lou Nurk going strong. According to Jason, American Express points are essential, as they help with travel expenses.

Communication is also key to their successful relationship. Jason and Marie-Lou make an effort to communicate often, and they value their relationship immensely. They understand that long-distance relationships require effort, but their commitment and love for each other make it all worth it.

Jason Oppenheim has impeccable taste when it comes to his must-have items for his home and office. From the convenience of a Keurig coffee machine to the stylish design of Buster + Punch lamps and Assouline books, he knows how to create a comfortable and sophisticated space. Additionally, his dedication and effort in his long-distance relationship serve as a reminder that communication and commitment are essential for any successful relationship.

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