“Remembering Jamie Crick: Honoring the Legacy of the Late Classic FM Star at 57”

Remembering Jamie Crick Honoring the Legacy of the Late Classic FM Star at 57

In a poignant announcement made on Tuesday (August 29), shared by Bauer Media UK on X (previously known as Twitter), the family of Jamie Crick, the cherished voice behind @jazzfm and @ScalaRadio, conveyed the somber news of his passing at the age of 57. A brief period of illness culminated in this profound loss. During this difficult time, our hearts go out to his family and loved ones.

An Illustrious Journey Through the Airwaves

Jamie Crick embarked on his journey with Bauer Media UK’s Jazz FM in 2014, initially joining as a guest presenter. His talents quickly came to the fore, leading him to take the helm of the breakfast show. In 2016, he embarked on a new chapter, captivating audiences during the afternoon programme.

A Legacy Spanning Decades

With an illustrious career that spanned two decades, Jamie Crick graced Global’s Classic FM from 1994, leaving an indelible mark. Additionally, he held the prestigious position of creative director at Gaydar Radio.

A spokesperson from Bauer Media UK commented, “Jamie Crick was a true embodiment of the broadcasting spirit. His contributions to our radio stations were unparalleled. His influence extended beyond the microphones, touching the hearts of his colleagues at Jazz FM, Scala Radio, and the broader Bauer Media community. His absence will be acutely felt by all who knew him, as well as his loyal listeners.”

Honoring Jamie’s Legacy

As the radio stations he was a part of grapple with this unexpected loss, a void is left that cannot be easily filled. In the coming days, these stations will come together to pay tribute to Jamie Crick’s remarkable legacy. However, in the interim, they will honor his memory by continuing to broadcast the music that held a special place in his heart.

Fellow broadcaster Anthony Davis shared a heartfelt tribute to Jamie by posting a snapshot of Jamie in his element within a radio studio, accompanied by a poignant message: “Today, my thoughts are consumed by @Jamie_Crick, whose sudden departure has left us in shock. He was not only an exceptional broadcaster but also a talented photographer and a dear friend. During those long songs, we would sneak into each other’s studios for conversations and snacks. This photo, taken in 2014, is a tribute to him. Rest in peace, #JamieCrick.”

Fond Memories and Heartfelt Tributes

Danielle Perry, a colleague at Jazz FM, expressed her deep sorrow, “Today is a day of profound loss. Jamie was not just a colleague, but a warm, kind-hearted individual with an impeccable broadcasting style. Despite knowing him for only six months at @jazzfm and @ScalaRadio, his impact was already substantial. Our thoughts and love go out to his family. I’ll miss our daily parting link, ‘..up next..Jamie Crick.’”

Nick Pitts, the content director of Jazz FM, shared his thoughts, “I consider myself fortunate to build friendships with remarkable individuals I work alongside. @Jamie_Crick was undoubtedly one of those extraordinary souls I held in high regard.”





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