Joe Jonas Opens Up About His Current Relationship Status with Ex Taylor Swift

Joe Jonas, one-third of the renowned music group Jonas Brothers, recently addressed his past relationship with pop sensation Taylor Swift in a candid interview on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast. Surviving the release of Swift’s “From the Vault” Fearless bonus songs, which were believed to be inspired by their 2008 romance, Jonas spoke openly about the current state of their relationship and reflected on the ups and downs they experienced.

The artist expressed his amicability towards Swift, stating, “I’m cool with Taylor. We’re cool.” With years having passed since their tumultuous history, including the infamous 25-second breakup call that stirred Swift’s fans, Jonas acknowledged the distance that time has created between them. He acknowledged, “It’s been many, many years removed.”

In hopes of reconciliation with Swift’s devoted fanbase, affectionately known as the Swifties, Jonas expressed his desire for their forgiveness. He humbly mentioned, “I hope to think they like me. No one messes with the Swifties, you know?” Being married to Sophie Turner, a self-proclaimed Swiftie herself, Jonas shared his understanding of the fans’ protectiveness. He said, “We don’t really have a nickname for our fans, but we understand. We get it. We understand they’re passionate about their artists and protective, like, ‘This is my artist, how dare you!'”

Furthermore, Jonas and Turner exhibited their support for Swift by attending her Saturday Night Live after-party in 2021. Swift, reflecting on her previous public comments regarding Jonas breaking up with her when she was only 18 years old, expressed her regret for the incident. During Ellen DeGeneres’s Burning Questions game in 2019, Swift admitted that putting Jonas on blast during the show was the most rebellious thing she did as a teenager. She confessed, “That was too much. Yeah, that was too much. I was 18. We laugh about it now. That was mouthy, yeah, teenage stuff there.”

Responding to Swift’s remorseful remarks, Jonas appeared on ITV’s Lorraine show and shared his feelings on the matter. He found solace in hearing his ex-girlfriend express regret, stating, “It did feel nice.” Reflecting on his own growth, he mentioned, “It’s something that I probably was feeling pretty bad about when I was younger, but at the end of the day, like I’ve moved on. I’m sure Taylor’s moved on, and it feels nice, and we’re all friends, and it’s all good. We were so young.”

In conclusion, Joe Jonas’s recent interview shed light on his present relationship with Taylor Swift and emphasized the maturity and understanding that both artists have reached over the years. Despite their past differences, they have moved on and maintained a level of respect and friendship. As time heals wounds, their individual journeys in the music industry have led them to appreciate one another’s growth and the fond memories they shared as young individuals navigating fame and love.


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