Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift’s Ex, Seeks a Passionate Connection, Reveals Expert

Joe Alwyn, Taylor Swift's Ex, Seeks a Passionate Connection, Reveals Expert

Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, is reportedly on the lookout for a passionate and intense connection, according to a tarot reading conducted by a renowned psychic. This revelation comes just days after Taylor confirmed her relationship status at her Fourth of July party, leaving fans heartbroken following their alleged breakup earlier this spring.

Joe Alwyn’s Quest for Intense Romance

After ending their six-year relationship, Taylor Swift briefly sparked dating rumors with Matty Healy, but sources soon revealed that they had also called it quits. Last week, it was confirmed once again that Taylor was embracing her single status. Now, celebrity psychic and body language expert, Inbaal Honigman, has exclusively shared insights on their star signs and compatibility, delving into a tarot reading to shed light on their future prospects.

During the tarot reading, Inbaal unveiled that Joe Alwyn, the British actor, received the Ace of Wands card, symbolizing fiery passion and a desire for an intense connection. Inbaal further divulged, “It’s a card of fiery passion, indicating that he’s already looking for someone to get hot and heavy with.” Evidently, Joe is seeking a new relationship where he can get to know someone deeply, possibly envisioning a long-term commitment.

Taylor and Joe: Focused on Personal Growth

In addition to Joe’s reading, Inbaal drew the Knight of Swords card for both Taylor and Joe, representing their individual goals and achievements. “Taylor and Joe are both focused, driven people, and if the present isn’t working for them, they set their sights on the future,” commented the expert. Instead of rekindling their romance, they are likely to seek partners who better align with their aspirations and personal growth.

Taylor Swift’s Musical Success Amidst Romantic Speculations

While Joe embarks on his quest for intense love, Taylor Swift continues to revel in the triumph of her sold-out The Eras Tour, which is soon to grace the United Kingdom. Currently touring America, Taylor recently delighted fans by re-releasing her 2010 album Speak Now, now known as Taylor’s Version as part of her re-recording project.

On July 7, Taylor unveiled the album, featuring an array of vault tracks and a captivating music video for her brand new song “I Can See You.” Interestingly, the music video showcased Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Taylor Lautner, whom she dated while writing the album in 2009, along with two actresses from her Mean music video during the same period.

As Taylor Swift’s musical journey flourishes, her fans eagerly await updates on her personal life, hoping she finds happiness and fulfillment beyond her past relationships.s recent tarot reading suggests that he is actively seeking a passionate and intense relationship following his breakup with Taylor Swift. Both Taylor and Joe, being driven individuals, are focused on personal growth and are likely to pursue partners who align better with their individual aspirations. While Joe embarks on his romantic endeavors, Taylor Swift continues to thrive in her music career, captivating audiences worldwide. As fans eagerly follow Taylor’s journey, they await exciting developments in her personal life, rooting for her happiness and fulfillment.




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