“Final Episode of ‘Riverdale’ Concludes the Series After Seven Seasons”

Final Episode of 'Riverdale' Concludes the Series After Seven Seasons

“Riverdale” has concluded with a heartwarming series finale. In the last episode titled “Goodbye Riverdale,” Archie and his friends share a final day at their high school. Betty, now 86 years old and played by Michele Scarabelli, discovers an obituary for Jughead. She confides in her granddaughter Alice about the incredible adventures the gang experienced and how she’s the sole surviving member. Her desire is to revisit Riverdale once more to relive her youth.

When Betty falls asleep holding her high school yearbook, she awakens in a dream where Jughead appears as an angel. He offers her the chance to return to Riverdale for one last visit. During her time in Riverdale, Betty catches a glimpse of Archie through her window. He’s on the brink of joining a construction crew and moving to California. Betty reunites with her mother Alice and her sister Polly in their old family home. Polly is expecting a baby, and Jughead reveals that Alice pursued her dream of becoming a pilot.

Betty also visits Riverdale High School and reflects on the youthfulness and beauty of the students, realizing how fleeting this period of life is. At school, Fangs signs Betty’s yearbook, but tragically dies in a bus crash while on tour with his band.

Mary, Betty’s mother, has formed a lasting partnership with Brooke, and they remained together until the end. Betty encounters Veronica, who has become a successful Hollywood studio head. Kevin and Clay share an apartment in Harlem, with Clay becoming a professor and establishing an off-Broadway theater company.

Regarding the love triangle involving Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, they all found a unique arrangement. Betty explains that they realized they could all be together at the same time. Some nights, Archie would visit Betty, while Veronica would spend time with Jughead. The relationships were fluid, and they all embraced this unconventional dynamic.

As time passed, the four friends drifted apart after high school. Betty and Jughead also pay a visit to Pop Tate’s grave, where they learn that Jughead ran “Jughead’s Madhouse Magazine,” and Betty started her own publication called “She Says Magazine.” Betty also adopted a daughter.

The series concludes with Betty passing away peacefully in her sleep. “Riverdale,” which began in 2017 as a modern reimagining of the classic Archie Comics, wraps up its journey with a nostalgic and heartfelt finale.




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