“Do Not Like Hollywood”: Spider-Man Star Tom Holland’s Revelations About the Entertainment Industry

Do Not Like Hollywood Spider-Man Star Tom Holland's Revelations About the Entertainment Industry

Tom Holland Reveals Dislike for Entertainment Industry

In a rare appearance on Jay Shetty’s ‘On Purpose’ podcast, Tom Holland, the beloved Spider-Man actor, discussed his complicated relationship with Hollywood and his personal battles with alcohol. Known for his reserved nature when it comes to his personal life, Holland shared candid insights into his struggles and aspirations, shedding light on his journey in the entertainment industry.

Tom Holland’s Candid Confession: “I Don’t Like Hollywood”

Tom Holland, typically private about his personal matters, opened up during a recent interview about his feelings towards the film industry. Speaking on Jay Shetty’s podcast, On Purpose, the 27-year-old actor expressed his conflicting emotions, saying, “Look, I really am a massive fan of making films, but I really do not like Hollywood. It is not for me.” Holland further admitted that the business side of the industry terrifies him, and he constantly seeks ways to distance himself from it in order to live a more normal life.

Striving to Maintain Identity in Hollywood

For Holland, appearing on Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast was an exception, as he rarely engages in such public forums. However, he felt comfortable and safe on the show, allowing him to be vulnerable about his experiences. The actor expressed his fear of losing himself in the entertainment industry, citing childhood friends who succumbed to its pressures and lost touch with their true selves.

“It has definitely been an ongoing thought for me, which is ‘Don’t lose yourself,'” Holland shared. “Many people came before me who lost themselves to this business. I’ve even had friends that I grew up with who are no longer themselves because of this business.”

In an effort to preserve his identity, Holland prioritizes spending time with his family and friends, pursuing hobbies like carpentry and golf, and supporting a charity run by his mother. These are the aspects of his life he values most and wishes to safeguard at all costs.

Tom Holland’s Struggle with Alcohol Addiction

During the interview, Holland also opened up about his battle with alcoholism. The actor revealed that he realized he was “definitely addicted to alcohol” when he attempted to participate in Dry January, a month-long break from alcohol consumption. Throughout that period, thoughts of having a drink consumed his mind.

“After getting up, I thought about it,” explained Holland. “I was checking the time… And it frightened me. Perhaps I have an alcohol problem.” Motivated by this realization, he extended his commitment to abstinence, vowing to continue through February as well. It was at the end of the second dry month that he acknowledged his struggle with alcohol.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

Aside from his personal challenges, Holland discussed his recent project, ‘The Crowded Room,’ an Apple TV+ miniseries based on the non-fiction novel ‘The Minds of Billy Milligan.’ In addition to portraying a character inspired by Billy Milligan, Holland also served as an executive producer for the show. This project allowed him to explore his talents beyond acting and further expand his creative endeavors.

While the entertainment industry remains an integral part of Holland’s life, he strives to find a balance between his work and personal well-being. Through self-reflection, support from loved ones, and his unwavering determination, Tom Holland continues to navigate the complexities of Hollywood while remaining true to himself.

Tom Holland’s recent interview on Jay Shetty’s ‘On Purpose’ podcast revealed his genuine concerns about the entertainment industry and his personal struggles with alcohol. As he continues to make his mark in Hollywood, Holland remains steadfast in preserving his identity and prioritizing his mental health and relationships. His openness and willingness to share his experiences serve as an inspiration to many, reminding us that even in the world of fame and success, personal battles and the pursuit of authenticity are universal.




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