Backlash Faced by Nicole Young from Selling Sunset to Chrishell Stause

Backlash Faced by Nicole Young from Selling Sunset to Chrishell Stause

Nicole Young, the reality star known for her appearances on Selling Sunset, recently addressed the criticism she has faced regarding her feud with co-star Chrishell Stause. In an Instagram post shared on May 21, Nicole expressed gratitude for the support she has received from her loyal friends, family, and clients. Former Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn also extended her support, highlighting Nicole’s deserving nature. Let’s delve into Nicole’s response to online hate and the encouragement she has received, showcasing the strength of her personal connections.

Surrounded by an ARMY of Loyal Friends and Family

Despite the online hate she has encountered, Nicole Young refuses to let it define her. In an effort to combat the negativity, Nicole took to Instagram to share her appreciation for the unwavering support she receives from her close-knit circle. Captioning a series of photos featuring herself with friends and family, Nicole acknowledged the hurt caused by strangers’ vicious comments. However, she emphasized that the sting of such hatred diminishes when surrounded by an “ARMY of loyal friends and family” who truly understand and support her.

Celebrating Success with Clients

In addition to the support from loved ones, Nicole Young has been fortunate to have clients who appreciate her expertise and celebrate her achievements. Two of her clients recently organized a viewing party in honor of the premiere of Selling Sunset season six. Nicole expressed her gratitude for this gesture, describing it as the “BEST night ever.” The event served as a testament to the strong relationships Nicole has built with her clients, reflecting their trust in her skills as a realtor.

Christine Quinn’s Encouragement

Former Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn, who left the show after season five, offered her encouragement and admiration to Nicole Young. Leaving a comment on Nicole’s Instagram post, Christine expressed her belief that Nicole deserves all the positive things coming her way. This display of support from a former co-star not only reinforces Nicole’s credibility but also showcases the unity and camaraderie among the Selling Sunset cast members, even beyond the show.

Nicole Young’s response to online hate exemplifies her resilience and determination to rise above negativity. By acknowledging the loving support of her friends, family, and clients, Nicole emphasizes the importance of personal connections in navigating challenging situations. The viewing party organized by her clients further highlights the trust and appreciation Nicole has earned through her professionalism and expertise. Additionally, the encouragement from former co-star Christine Quinn demonstrates the enduring bond among the Selling Sunset cast members. In the face of criticism, Nicole Young stands tall, supported by her loved ones and fellow industry professionals who recognize her worth.



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